Day One LED

LED Retrofit Rebate Experts

As LED retrofitting rebate experts we provide a full bespoke service to innovatively update your property. From energy auditing to the complete installation of your new LED fixtures.

We’re there every step of the way to help our customers save up to 70% on energy bills.

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Day One LED


Our experts source the highest quality & most cost-effective lighting solutions for your project.

Day One LED


We’re proud to offer our services and expertise not just in the New York but across the U.S market.

Day One LED


We're at the forefront of lighting technology and retrofit legislation to ensure your project is compliant.

Day One LED


LED's low maintenance costs and longer life span has saved property managers millions of dollars in energy costs.

Day One LED


As retrofit experts, we equip old buildings with the new technology they need to be more energy efficient.

Day One LED


We'll assess your property and provide a comprehensive report detailing your expected energy savings.

Sustainability Experts

Whether you’re an architect, engineer or homeowner, a common goal for everyone is to reduce energy bills and we’ve all come to learn that one of the biggest contributors to high energy bills is inefficient lighting. Tzohar are specialists in sustainable and energy-efficient lighting solutions and have been upgrading commercial, residential, healthcare and industrial buildings across the U.S.

Our Solutions
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